The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul (Psalm 19:7)

The first half of Psalm 19 describes creation responding in song to it’s Creator. The heavens, skies, and the Sun join in to make melody for their Maker. Creation is like an arrow pointing to it’s majestic King. 

Maybe you have stood in awe of God while enjoying Waimea Bay in the North Shore watching the waves crash on to the shore. Or looked in wonder at the top of Makapuʻu Point or some other hiking trail as you feasted on God’s handiwork. But now you are stuck at home, itching to get out to see God’s glory in creation. Maybe all you to see outside your front door are buildings and empty roads. 

Good News! God has given us another treasure pointing to Him. It’s His Word. In it we grow in our knowledge of our Maker, and knowledge of ourselves in light of Him. In it we find our Savior, whom “every story whispers His Name” Sally-Lloyd Jones. So treasure God’s Word today by asking the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to His greatness (v8). Think deeply about His truths alongside others by joining us tonight at our Good Friday Service (see front page of our website to join in).