My lifespan is as nothing before you (Psalm 39:5b)

David prayed to grasp his own fragility and short life span. From the Old to New Testaments, the authors remind us of how little time we actually have on this earth. We are compared to a “mist” or a “flower of the field,” short-lived and delicate.

Today, we are experiencing the devastating truth of our mortality. Young and old have lost their lives to the COVID-19. Countries are being threatened by food shortages and economic meltdowns. We feel our mortality painfully and clearly. This truth should lead us to God, who is immortal and the only God (1 Timothy 1:17). Like David, let’s confess that our hope is in Him (v7). Let’s live freely in peace and generosity knowing that we are sojourners (v12) looking forward to an eternal city who’s builder is God Himself (Hebrews 11:10).