Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me. (Psalm 41:9)

David was not short of enemies. Whether he was chased by a jealous king or rebelled against by an arrogant son, David experienced betrayal at different levels of relationships. But not only David, Jesus Himself quoted this verse when referring to Judas, his close companion who would betray Him. 

Perhaps you too have been betrayed by someone you loved, someone you opened your heart to. And maybe you are still shocked that they acted the way that they did. The famous preacher Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Be not surprised when friends fail you: it is a failing world.” Maybe you’ve recently experienced disappointment in others during this difficult time when tempers are short and money is tight. And you are perplexed that people you thought you knew, could act so deceitfully towards you. 

Remember that the Son of David understands you. But He also has the power to lift you up just like David (v10) and give you the strength to forgive your enemies because He has forgiven you and trust in His judgement to make all things right in His time.