You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness (Psalm 45:7a)

As this pandemic continues, perhaps you have witnessed, read about or watched on social media injustice and wickedness locally, nationally or globally. You ache to see righteous actions by authority figures and citizens. You wonder if justice will ever be done. 

In our frustration, we may be tempted to take matters into our own hands. We may be quick to slander and speak abusively towards others because we are so passionate to see justice done. In those moments, we may tend to do more harm than good. Like Peter who cut off the ear of the temple guard in order to right a perceived wrong, we are unable to see the bigger picture, and the Lord who is sovereignly working through sins and mistakes. This does not mean we sit passively by when we have the opportunity to do good. But rather, we do not have to play ultimate judge because that job is in God’s hands. 

We can rest knowing that God is on His throne forever. The scepter of His rule did not leave His hands (v6). This truth frees us to act humbly and practice mercy knowing that God will make all things right in His perfect timing.