Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises! (Psalm 47:6)

In one verse, the psalmist invites us to sing to God four times. There are many reasons why we sing to God. One reason is to shape us to be more like Jesus. God is a singing God. And He created us in His image to reflect who He is.

What if you don’t feel like singing due to the hardships and challenges during this pandemic. You feel the weight of the past few months, and you are disheartened. Jesus Himself on the night He would be handed over and crucified sang a hymn with His disciples knowing He would soon be betrayed (Matthew 26:30). Right before He would bear the wrath of God for our sins, Jesus sang to the Father. When we sing to God, even in times of hardship, we can be stoked that we are growing to be like Jesus who is a singing God. Sing praises to God today. Sing praises to our King!