But God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol, for he will receive me. (Psalm 49:15)

Growing up, you probably had a great vision for your life. Whether that’s making a lot of money, playing professional sports, or making a name for yourself by doing something that no one else has ever done before. Maybe during this pandemic, the vision for your life is simply surviving paycheck to paycheck, month to month. Maybe your vision is life returning back to some kind of normalcy. Whatever vision you have, God has a greater vision for us. The best that humans can do is gain some stuff and attention in this life only to give it up to somebody who follows us (v10-11). After that, it’s judgement. 

God’s vision is far greater.  He frees us from the power and penalty of sin in our lives through the death of His Son, so that we an live with Him forever (v15). So as we try to envision our lives over the next few weeks and months remember the plan that God has for your is greater. It is one worth sharing with others (v1)!