who stills the roaring of the seas, (Psalm 65:7)

God rescued David from many dangers in his life. From giants, to armies to jealous kings. God calmed the roaring seas that sought to capsize David’s life. God would once again calm the seas many years later. His disciples calling out to Him in fear, Jesus rebuked the storm and it died down.

Like David (v8), the disciples responded to Jesus with awe. But in another way, they responded to Jesus in fear. Who was this man in the boat with them? Later they would come to a greater understanding that it was God Himself who came to them not only to calm a storm but to pay the price for their sin.

What David anticipated through the sacrificial system (v4), the disciples would witness it’s fulfillment. The storm stiller became the sin bearer. Let us who live in the “ends of the earth” shout for joy for His salvation.