Yet God my King is from of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth. (Psalm 74:12)

Have you ever felt God was distant? That He was no longer near you. The psalmist felt this (v1). Or have you felt as if God was inactive around you? That He stopped working in the details of your life (v9-11). The psalmist also experienced that. Yet despite what he felt, he began to recount the many times God was present and at work in the world he lived in. Verses 13-17 begins each statement with “You,” pointing to God’s active presence from the beginning of creation. 

Maybe you’ve not sensed God’s presence or work in your life now. Like the psalmist think deeply about God’s work in creation and the many ways He acted. Think about God’s desire to be present with you that He would come from heaven to earth to live among us. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit lives in us who profess Jesus as King and Savior. Look for evidences of His grace in your life and be encouraged that He is with and in you working just as He did in creation.