O God, do not keep silence: do not hold your peace or be still, O God! (Psalm 83:1)

This type of psalm is classified as an “imprecatory” psalm, which means the psalmist calls upon God to totally punish His enemies and His people’s enemies. It’s a type of psalm that is emotionally charged as the author pours out his emotions to God. Although many Christians may feel uncomfortable with this type of psalm, Christians pray imprecatory-type prayers all the time without realizing it. When we pray for God’s kingdom to come and for Christ to return, He will totally judge all of His enemies. The book of Revelation describes this judgement in graphic detail. 

Even though God’s enemies are deserving of God’s judgement, in His great love the Father sent Jesus to die for His enemies. All who trust in Jesus as their savior and king are transferred from being enemy fighters to family members in the household of God. Just as Jesus loves His enemies, we too are to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us as Jesus commanded His followers. Let us trust God to perfectly judge those who have sinned against Him and wronged us.