How lovely is your dwelling place, LORD of hosts! (Psalm 84:1)

The dwelling place of God is not ultimately lovely because of it’s decorations and decor. Nor is it because of it’s size. What makes the dwelling place of the LORD lovely is the presence of the infinitely beautiful Creator. We get this concept in a small way. If we eat at a simple restaurant or live in a humble house, what ultimately makes the time there valuable is not the place but the person. If we are with the ones we love, that time is “lovely.”

At this moment, we have opportunities to experience God’s presence. The Holy Spirit lives in all those who are His. When we gather together in Jesus’ name, He is with us in a special way than if we were by ourselves. Yet, the best is yet to come. When the Lord creates the new heavens and the new earth, a new type of Eden, God’s dwelling will be with us in a way we have never experienced before (Revelation 21:3). One way we anticipate this future is to sing praises to God (v4). Let’s anticipate our future with Him as we gather together in-person or online for Sunday service.