For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God. (Psalm 86:10)

The psalmist declares the greatness of God, who rescues the psalmist in the day of trouble. God created all the nations, and they will all come to worship Him in the future. God’s greatness can be read all throughout the Bible. From His creation of the heavens and the earth, to His preserving of His people through famine, slavery and exile, God’s greatness shines brightly. The greatness of God is seen in Jesus, who saved His people from their sins by taking the punishment for their rebellion against God on the Cross, rising from the dead three days later to show His victory over sin and death. 

Because God is great, we don’t have to be in control. Especially during these peculiar times, we may often want to manipulate and control people or circumstances in order to get what we want. But God is in control, which means we may get what we want, but God is using that circumstance for our ultimate good and often times in ways we cannot see or feel at that moment. What are you stressing over today? Reflect and believe in the greatness of God, and live free from needing to be the one in control.