I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. (Psalm 101:3)

If a person is interested in going on some type of diet, simply search the web and they will find all types of eating plans encouraging them to intake certain food while rejecting others. Ultimately, the person on the plan adjusts their eating habits to enhance their health and quality of life. In this psalm, David determines to intake things in his life that fuel a love for God while rejecting others things that extinguishing his love for God. 

He will not set before his eyes anything that is worthless, that is David wants his heart to intake only things that boast and nourish his soul. As we enter into the opportunities today, instead of asking whether an activity is “bad” or “good,” ask yourself, “How will this nourish my soul?” “How will this fuel my love for Jesus and my neighbors?” As you do this, ask the Holy Spirit to grow in you an appetite for His all-satisfying love and His ways (v1).