My heart is struck down like grass and has withered; forget to eat my bread. (Psalm 102:4)

Go to God with your broken heart. In this prayer, the psalmist shares with God his distress and frustration (v2), his feelings (v4), circumstances (v5), and view towards God (v10). He’s being honest and “real.”

Our culture loves vulnerability and values authenticity. If a person speaks their mind, it doesn’t matter what they say as along as they are sharing what’s on their hearts and not “faking” it. That’s what our society praises. But the psalmist goes beyond being “real.” He finds his strength not in his openness to God, but in God’s character and intentions towards him. He reminds himself through prayer of God’s rule  over all (v12), compassion towards His people (v13-14). His watchful eye on those He saves (v20) and His ability to preserve His people (v28). 

In prayer, unpack your heart and mind to God but don’t stop there. Take the good truths of God’s characteristics and ask the Holy Spirit to help you apply them as the lens to view your circumstances through.