will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation. (Psalm 111:1)

We are created to live in and worship God as a community. The very first humans lived life in the presence of God together in the Garden. When God called Abraham to follow Him, that “call” included a group of people who would follow after Abraham, who is the father of many nations. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people gathered together and worshiped their Creator whether it was in the desert, the tabernacle or the temple in Jerusalem. After Jesus died, rose again and ascended back into Heaven, the Church was birthed, and the Church continually came together to glorify God. 

In these peculiar times, worshipping God together whether in-person or online has its unique challagnes. It may be tempting to think that going solo in your relationship with Jesus is just easier or more convenient. But, don’t miss out on all the support you receive from other followers of Jesus, whether its their encouragement, instruction or overall care for you. Don’t miss out on the “special” way that Jesus meets His people when we come together to worship Him (Matthew 18:20).