Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, (Psalm 113:5)

The psalmist praises God for His uniqueness. It is God alone who rules over the nations and whose glory is broadcasted above the heavens (v4). God is matchless in power, creating the heavens and the earth with His word. He is matchless in knowledge, possessing all information about everything. He is matchless in presence, being anywhere He chooses. 

Although God is high and above all of His creation, He is not detached or apathetic towards it. He helps the poor and needy in their distress (v7-8) by honoring them. He fills the home of the lonely (v9). Unlike many human rulers, God uses His authority to care for His creation. This is ultimately displayed in reconciling us to Himself through the death and resurrection of His Son for everyone who trusts in Him. Today, think deeply about His great power and His great compassion towards you, and praise Him!