Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob, (Psalm 114:7)

When we think of the word tremble, we may tend to associate negativity to it. We may tremble at the thought of ourselves or a loved one getting sick. We may tremble at experiencing the power of nature. We  live on a mountainside in Town, so when it storms the thunder makes my kids tremble in fear. But trembling does not always imply danger or terror. For God’s enemies it did but not for God’s people.

In this psalm, the writers references to God delivering His people from slavery in Egypt (v1), and God parting the Jordan River (v2) for God’s people to step into the land they were promised. Then the writer recalls God’s miraculous provision of water from a rock that quenched the parched lips of His people in the desert. God’s people tremble in response to God’s greatness and provision for them. As followers of Jesus, may we grow in trembling in awe at His awesome works on behalf of His people. May we tremble in joy at the greatest provision God has given us, His one and only Son.