The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. (Psalm 118:22)

This verse was applied to Jesus by Peter, Paul and even Jesus Himself. The cornerstone, or “head of the corner”, is the first stone placed. All others stones are set in reference to the cornerstone. As the cornerstone, Jesus is the promised Savior King who the writers of the Old Testament predicted would come. Yet, the religious leaders of Jesus’ day and even the His own people did not recognize Him. They expected their savior to free them from oppression under the Roman Empire. But Jesus came to release them from a greater enemy, sin and death. The very person the religious leaders had crucified was the one who they read about in their own law. Yet, this rejection was all part of God’s plan (v23, Luke 9:22). 

For it was through the rejection of His own people and their decision to crucify Him, that Son would display His love towards rebels like you and me by giving His life as a substitute for ours. By offering His one and only Son to bear our sins, the Father demonstrated His love for us because His Son would become a curse for us all (Galatians 3:13). No matter what you are going through today, God has shown His unwavering love for you through the cross. No matter how uncertain life is for you right now, the cross shows us that God is always in control. So praise God for His great love for you and live from your new identity as His beloved child.