If it had not been the LORD who was on our side—(Psalm 124:1)

The psalmist begins with a thought-provoking question. “If it had not been…” He explores the thought of God’s people experiencing like without the grace of God to save them. They would have been completely overcome and defeated (v2-5). The author is looking back at God’s grace in order to be strengthened in his present circumstances (v8).  John Piper refers to this as future grace, which is “God’s power, provision, mercy, and wisdom—everything we need—in order to do what he wants us to do five minutes, five weeks, five months, five years, and five thousand years from now.”

As followers of Jesus, we look back at God’s grace in sending His Son to be our Savior, Substitute and King. And because God gave His Son to us, we have total confidence in His future grace because He is for us (Romans 8:31-32). So boldly step into your calling to treasure Jesus,  share the Gospel and make disciples as you enter into a challenging family or work environment, deal with difficult people or face tough decisions. Enter in knowing that God’s grace will fuel you every step of the way.