For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods. (Psalm 135:5)

The psalmist celebrates that God is great and is Lord over all. He does whatever He pleases (v5). No one can manipulate, overpower or threaten His sovereignty. His plans and purposes have and will always come to pass. Because God is above all, we can look to Him as our ultimate hope. 

In these chaotic times, people are looking to some “god” to save them and the world they are in. Whether that’s seeking an effective vaccine for COVID-19 (which would be wonderful), or an economic strategy to lift our economy out of its financial hardships, or electing government officials to promote their values, these outcomes can only provide temporary relief, but they are not able to ultimately save us for the consequences for ours sins which leads to eternal death. They are not able to give us joy and peace that transcends our circumstances. And they cannot fill our deepest longings in our hearts that God alone can fill. 

The Lord alone is God. Let’s look to Him today for all of our needs. Let’s look to His greatness in fearful circumstances and remember that no one can ruin His good plans for His children.