I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and will execute justice for the needy. (Psalm 140:12)

When attacked by his enemies, the psalmist brought his complaints to God. He asked the Lord to deliver, preserve and prepare him for whatever comes. Ultimately, he knew the Lord would do justice in His timetable and bring His people safely home (v12-13). 

Not only does the Lord see the afflictions of the needy and persecuted, but He will execute justice against their oppressors. Perhaps we’ve become numb to the afflictions of the vulnerable. We may feel as if their abusers will always go unpunished, or that they receive minimal consequences. This psalm is a reminder that that is not the case. Since God is holy and just, He will hold the wicked accountable. And since God is perfect in all of His ways, the justice He executes will be completely fitting for each individual. This truth frees us from being paralyzed from doing good when we see the wicked seemingly continue in their ways without punishment. This truth leads us to look to God in times when we experience injustice. Finally, this truth points us to the cross, where the proof of God’s justice is displayed in the penalty Jesus received in our place. So in your affliction look to God and find comfort and hope in His justice.