pour out my complaint before him; I tell my trouble before him. (Psalm 142:2)

Psalms like this one train us to worship God in the most difficult of times. According to the inscription, David is hiding in a cave, which was when David was running for his life. His once boss turned enemy was seeking to strike him down because Saul was envious of David. 

From David’s prayer, we learn how to respond when we are in our lowest moments in life. We can talk to God when we feel overwhelmed. We can boldly bring our complaints to God and be comforted in knowing that He cares for and hears us (v2). We can trust that God will not leave us forever in the “cave” we are in (v7). In turning to God, we glorify God because instead of turning to others to save us, we are looking to God as our true “refuge” (v5).