Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, (Psalm 146:5)

In the Old Testament, God’s people have been tempted to trust in their surrounding nations when faced with invasion from their enemies. Whether it’s the Egyptians, Syrians or Assyrians Israel’s kings made alliances with other countries as a quick fix to their problems. It seemed to make sense. These countries had wealth, power and could offer military support. The results ended tragically. God’s people would depend on other nations rather than the Lord and end up in a worse position, sometimes even enslaved and exiled. 

The psalmist warns us not to put our ultimate trust in the hands of other humans (v3-4). This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have friendship and family in whom we trust in. But rather, no one is capable to be “God” in your life except God. When we look to others to be our ultimate satisfier, provider and defender, we are unfairly putting them in a role they were not created to fill. The psalmist calls those who trust in God “blessed.” 

Maybe during these days, you are looking to people, pleasures or pursuits to save you from the the chaos in your life. Or maybe you are looking to these things to simply find a way to escape your current pressures from work and relationships. Instead of looking to a temporary fix that will let you down, turn to Jesus who is totally sufficient to help you in your time of need.