We started in a living room in Hawaii Kai in 2005 with a few families who loved Jesus and prayed to see more of their neighbors come to love Jesus as well. God answered our prayers, and by his grace we have seen many people put their trust in Jesus as their Savior and King.


Now meeting in various location around the island, we have many different initiatives to reach people across Oahu with the gospel, from serving homeless and needy folks in our neighborhood, to mentoring at-risk kids in local schools, to partnering with business owners for neighborhood revitalization.

We also have a strong desire to see God multiply gospel-driven churches across the islands. We’ve helped plant churches in Waialua, Ewa, Aiea, and Kailua. We also partner with local church-planters in Japan and Southeast Asia to see more churches multiplied for God’s glory.

We call ourselves Harbor Church for a reason.

A harbor is a place of refuge where boats can take shelter from the stormy seas. Also, a harbor is a place of redemption where boats can be restored and made new.

But a harbor isn’t just a place for boats to come and stay. If the boats never leave, then the harbor isn’t fulfilling its purpose. So a harbor is also a place of resurgence, equipping small boats to go out and cross big oceans.

Those three functions of a harbor are also the three main functions of our church as we seek to bless the city where God placed us. Our vision is to be a place of refuge, redemption, and resurgence for Oahu.

There are many ways we’re seeking to bless our city. Want to join us in our mission to be FOR Oahu? Join us at our Sunday morning gatherings, or contact us anytime.