Psalm 149- God Delights in You

As we grow in believing this truth of God’s delight for us, the insecurities that we face and the need for others’ approvals become less attractive and loses its grip on us because we have all the acceptance we need in God. 

Psalm 148- Seeing His Greatness

We praise God when we see His greatness. Maybe you find yourself in a time of apathy towards your relationship with God.

Psalm 147- Spirit-Empowered Dependency

In this psalm, the writer reminds us of our insufficiency to hold up our own lives and God’s total sufficiency to sustain all He has made.

Psalm 146- True Help

Maybe during these days, you are looking to people, pleasures or pursuits to save you from the the chaos in your life.

Psalm 145- One Another

God’s goodness and greatness is meant to be experienced and shared from one generation to another.

Psalm 144- Jesus Won the War

Because the Son of David won the war, we engage in everyday battles against our flesh, the worldly system that is against God and Satan as victors in Christ.

Psalm 139- God Knows You

As humans beings, we have been created in the image of God to know Him personally and represent Him beautifully to the world.

Psalm 138- He Helps the Lowly

Maybe you are at a low point in your life. Perhaps as a follower of Jesus you are experiencing difficulties in the workplace, challenges in building

Psalm 137- Sing in Exile

In exile, God’s people ask, “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?”

Psalm 136- Never-ending Love

As you reflect deeply on the steadfast love of the Lord, let it fuel your love for God and your neighbor.

Psalm 134- Bless the Lord

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to bless the Lord at our in-person Sunday service and online, but the worship of God doesn’t end on Sunday.

Psalm 133- Unity

We live in a time where the reflection of this unity between followers of Jesus is being challenged on multiple fronts.

Psalm 131- Like A Child

Like a weaned child, we go through events in our lives that we don’t understand.

Psalm 130- Out of the Depths

As we grow in marveling at the Lord crucifixion and resurrection, let us say to others like the psalmist, “Hope in the Lord!”

Psalm 129- God’s Faithfulness

Because of God’s faithfulness, we who are followers of Jesus, can trust Him to preserve us to the very end.

Psalm 126- Sowing and Reaping

In your sowing and in your weeping, don’t forget that God is purposefully using this season to prepare you for the joy that is to come.

Psalm 125- Surrounded

Although God allows hardships and suffering into our lives, His promise to His people is that every single one of them is purposeful.

Pslam 124- Future Grace

“God’s power, provision, mercy, and wisdom—everything we need—in order to do what he wants us to do five minutes, five weeks, five months, five years, and five thousand years from now.”

Psalm 123- Look to God

To “lift up one’s eyes” is to place dependence upon the person looked at.

Psalm 122- Let Us Go!

But for those of us who received the Messiah, we gather together, not in a physical temple, but as a group of redeemed rebels to worship the Risen King who lived, died and rose again.

Psalm 120- Out of Place

In his “feeling out of place,” the psalmist looks to the Lord to bring him home safely.

Psalm 118- Our Cornerstone

For it was through the rejection of His own people and their decision to crucify Him, that Son would display His love towards rebels like you and me by giving His life as a substitute for ours.

Psalm 113- None Like Him

Today, think deeply about His great power and His great compassion towards you, and praise Him!

Psalm 111- Worship God with His people

READ PSALM 111 I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation. (Psalm 111:1) We are created to live in and worship God as a community. The very first humans lived life in the presence of God together in the...

Psalm 108- Glory God

Glorifying God isn’t a duty to fulfill, or another chore to check off a list.

Psalm 105- Seek God

If God is near to everything and to everyone, why do we need to “seek his presence continually?”

Psalm 104- Enjoy His Creation

Creation is like an arrow pointing us to its Maker, a quiet voice whispering and sometimes roaring the name of the Creator.

Psalm 101- Feast Your Eyes on God

As we enter into the opportunities today, instead of asking whether an activity is “bad” or “good,” ask yourself, “How will this nourish my soul?” “How will this fuel my love for Jesus and my neighbors?”

Psalm 99- God is Holy

The right response to God’s holiness is stand in worshipful awe or who He is.

Psalm 98- Creation is Stoked!

Have you ever read a novel or watched a movie where the “good” guy or woman delays in coming to fix everything?

Psalm 95- Lasting Rest

If you have yet to fully trust in Jesus as your Savior King and you “hear his voice” calling you to respond, do not harden your heart, but respond by genuinely believing in the work of Jesus.  

Psalm 94- Hope in Hardship

God gives us his comfort in difficult circumstances, but He also allows difficult circumstances to open our hearts to receive his comfort.

Psalm 93- Mightier than the Waves

What waves are crashing into your life right now? It’s probably not literal water, but maybe the waves of anxiety, fear of the

Psalm 92- God’s Work

God’s works are seen throughout history as He promised His savior to defeat sin and death despite many failures and hardships for God’s people.

Psalm 90- A Heart of Wisdom

As we make the most of the life God has given us, let’s remember to serve Him out of the joy and satisfaction that He gives to us.

Psalm 88- Keep Going to God

There is something attractive when you read psalms like this one. It’s not because we want his circumstances

Psalm 87- Heavenly Citizens

As we anticipate the heavenly Jerusalem, let us continue to share the love of Jesus with the people God has put in our lives.

Psalm 85- Revive Us

Have you ever felt ashamed to come to God because your joy and enthusiasm for Him was dead? Perhaps it was your sin that dulled your desire for Him.

Psalm 84- Beautiful Home

The dwelling place of God is not ultimately lovely because of it’s decorations and decor. Nor is it because of it’s size.

Psalm 83- Perfect Judgement

Although many Christians may feel uncomfortable with this type of Psalm, Christians pray imprecatory-type prayers all the time without realizing it.

Psalm 81- Receive True Satisfaction

Have you ever prepared a dish for your friend or family member, where you labored hours over it? You were so excited for them to try it because

Psalm 79- Not Our Righteousness

READ PSALM 79 Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of your name; deliver us, and atone for our sins, for your name’s sake! (Psalm 79:9) From the Old Testament to the New Testament, all throughout the Bible, God's word makes clear that we are saved from the...

Psalm 78- In Good Hands

READ PSALM 78 With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand. (Psalm 78:72) The psalm begins with an encouragement for adults to teach their children, so that their keiki would have the knowledge of God (v1-8). From there, the psalmist...

Psalm 77- Remember God’s Work

What keeps you up at night? Perhaps over the past week, you have been consumed with social media and the news.

Psalm 76- God’s Wrath

When we think about the attributes and qualities of God, we tend to focus on His mercy, love or faithfulness. However,

Psalm 73- A Love That Never Fails

As Tim Keller put it, ““Live for beauty — but beauty fades. Live for money — but money fades. Live for success — but success fades,…If you don’t have God

Psalm 72- Good News for the World

READ PSALM 72 May people be blessed in him, all nations call him blessed! (Psalm 72:17) Solomon, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, looked forward to a day that a king would come who is deserving of all nations and people to serve Him. Although this...

Psalm 71- More and More

  READ PSALM 71 But I will hope continually and will praise you yet more and more. (Psalm 71:14) In life, there are times where difficulty and discouragement overwhelm you. Like a massive set of waves, you feel the hit of each wave taking away strength and...

Psalm 70- Hurry!

Whether that’s deliverance from the effects of COVID-19, justice for all who have been oppressed and dehumanized or a Gospel-peace for our country, we continue to pray, “Your kingdom come” because

Psalm 66- The God Who Hears

There are times in life when we need someone to talk to and when we call that trusted family member or friend, they were not there for us.

Psalm 64- Come to God

God wants to hear your voice. He desires for you to bring your cares and concerns to Him. The first verse of this psalm begins with

Psalm 63- Seek God

The well-known Ravi Zacharias put it this way, “I came to Him because I did not know which way to turn. I remained with Him because

Psalm 62- Trust Not in Riches

In a time where our state is experiencing great financial need, it is natural to think money is the ultimate solution.

Psalm 61- Never Too Far

matter how far your seem or feel from God, you can call out to him. “The end of the earth” is the furthest parts of the earth, where a person may be.

Psalm 60- Help From God

Life as we know it seems to be entering another phase of change. As businesses, activities and public venues slowly continue to open more and more,

Psalm 59- Experience His Strength

Charles Spurgeon once said, “The music of the sanctuary is in no small degree indebted to the trials of the saints.”

Psalm 58- Trust the Judge

n this challenging psalm, the writer is invoking God’s divine judgment on his enemies. These people are wicked leaders who are devising evil plans,

Psalm 57- All The Earth

It is the greatness of God’s love that causes us to go public in sharing the good news of God (v10). The heart of God has always been global,

Psalm 56- Fear Not

David was not oblivious to the dangers around him, nor does he take them lightly when he writes that “he I shall not be afraid.” In fact, he acknowledges that he was afraid

Psalm 55- He Cares For You

Maybe you are experiencing a flood of anxious thoughts as you think about the many worries during this pandemic. Like the psalmist

Psalm 54- My Victory

God does not promise a trouble-free life for His people. In fact, followers of  Jesus will experience trouble for their faith. Also, living

Psalm 51- Responding to Mercy

Often times we tend to stop at forgiveness. We remind ourselves of the cross and the price that Jesus paid for our sins, but we can forget that

Psalm 50- Call On God

During this pandemic, there’s a lot of agencies and organization one can call for support and help. The likelihood often depends on how well resourced that program is, and

Psalm 49- A Greater Vision

READ PSALM 49 But God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol, for he will receive me. (Psalm 49:15) Growing up, you probably had a great vision for your life. Whether that's making a lot of money, playing professional sports, or making a name for yourself by...

Psalm 48- A Leader You Can Trust

READ PSALM 48 He will guide us forever (Psalm 48:14) We all look for guidance sometime in our lives. During this pandemic, our community is looking to government officials to lead the way in protecting the people while seeking the overall flourishing of all. We hear...

Psalm 47- The God Who Sings

What if you don’t feel like singing due to the hardships and challenges during this pandemic. You feel the weight of the past few months, and you are disheartened. Jesus Himself

Psalm 46- Purpose in Chaos

Life got crazy for the psalmist. The ground and the mountains, both pictures of stability, were being removed from their place. In those moments of chaos, one thing that is certain i

Psalm 45- Ache for Justice

As this pandemic continues, perhaps you have witnessed, read about or watched on social media injustice and wickedness locally, nationally or globally. You ache to see righteous actions by authority figures and citizens. You wonder if justice will ever be done. 

Psalm 44- Looking Ahead

There is some suffering that can clearly be connected to a decision we make. If we blow up at a friend because of stress from our current situation, we may destroy that friendship. If we become negligent

Psalm 43- A Heart of Praise

Perhaps in this present time, your heart feels far from God. The challenges of this current pandemic and the struggle with sin have left you feeling

Psalm 42- Depressed?

What do you do when depression and anxiety flood your heart? How do you respond when you feel that you can barely get out of bed, to absorb whatever the day has for you?

Psalm 41- When Friends Betray

The famous preacher Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Be not surprised when friends fail you: it is a failing world.” Maybe you’ve recently

Psalm 40- Experience Jesus, Share Jesus

Sharing God’s work is the result of experiencing His love. Perhaps during this pandemic you have had opportunities to share the hope you have in Jesus with others around you but

Psalm 39- Sojourner

Today, we are experiencing the devastating truth of our mortality. Young and old have lost their lives to the COVID-19. Countries are being

Psalm 38- Go to God

David was in excruciating physical and emotional pain, which he associated with his sin (v3-4). Instead of hiding his sin or excusing it,

Psalm 37- Desires of Your Heart

You’ve probably seen this verse on coffee mugs or t-shirts. Maybe this is a verse you have memorized. At first reading it appears

Psalm 36- Your Delight

When people think about God, words like holy and powerful often come to mind. When it comes to God’s intentions towards humanity

Psalm 34- Taste and See!

One of the joys you may miss during this stay-at-home order is sharing a good meal with friends or family. Sure, ZOOM calls

Psalm 33- Thank God!

As the month of April comes to a close, and we are still experiencing stay-at-home orders, it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have or experience. It may have been

Psalm 32- Freedom!

As you experience life with many freedoms removed, there’s a greater freedom that we need. It’s the freedom to

Psalm 31- Goodness for You

Psalm 31- Goodness for You

To “fear” the Lord is not the fear of uncertainty that a pandemic brings. Rather it’s

Psalm 28-Trust

Psalm 28-Trust

In difficult circumstances, we have the opportunity to respond to God in trust or distrust.

Psalm 25- Forgiven

Psalm 25- Forgiven

Maybe as you have been stuck at home, you’ve found yourself doing a lot more introspection of your life, even unearthing past sins. When you feel guilty and ashamed,

Psalm 20- Trust

Psalm 20- Trust

Trust in God does not result in passivity. It’s active obedience.

Psalm 19- Your Word

Psalm 19- Your Word

Creation sings the glory of God, but what do you do when you are not able to enjoy the beach or take that hike to experience it?

Psalm 18- Your Rock

Psalm 18- Your Rock

In this life where change happens at a fast pace, we need someone steady and reliable.

Psalm 13- Wait…

Psalm 13- Wait…

One of the deepest pains is to feel forgotten by those who you care about. It’s not that they stop remembering who you are, but…

Psalm 10- Where are You?

Psalm 10- Where are You?

David began Psalm 10 with questions. Where are You when we need you? Why are you uninvolved? After witnessing the oppression of the vulnerable, David cried out to God for justice. Maybe that’s what you feel

Psalm 9- Your Defense

Psalm 9- Your Defense

A “stronghold” is a fortress, a place of refuge from invading armies and natural disasters.

Psalm 8- Look Up!

Psalm 8- Look Up!

Sometimes we fail to see the greatness of God in times of hardship. Like rain clouds that blanket the Koʻolau mountains,

Psalm 7- Your Righteous Judge

Psalm 7- Your Righteous Judge

God is the righteous judge, which means He will punish all evil doers giving to each person what they deserve.

Psalm 6- Your Healer

Psalm 6- Your Healer

How long, O Lord? Maybe that’s what you have been thinking over the past few weeks. As stories of tragedy break on social media like towering waves crashing on your heart,

Psalm 5- Your Song

Psalm 5- Your Song

When suffering and threatened by enemies, what did David do? He praised God (v11). He’s not the only one.

Psalm 4- Your Peace

Psalm 4- Your Peace

God gives peace that is immune to your circumstances. David experienced it as he wrote this psalm.

Psalm 3- Your Protection

Psalm 3- Your Protection

Do you feel vulnerable? God is your shield. He’s defending you 24/7 from whatever comes your way (v6).

Psalm 2- Your King

Psalm 2- Your King

READ PSALM 2 The LORD said to me,“You are my Son; today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,and the ends of the earth your possession. (Psalm 2:7-8) Even in chaotic circumstances, Jesus is king. When nations rage, people plot,...