Psalm 134- Bless the Lord

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to bless the Lord at our in-person Sunday service and online, but the worship of God doesn’t end on Sunday.

Psalm 133- Unity

We live in a time where the reflection of this unity between followers of Jesus is being challenged on multiple fronts.

Psalm 131- Like A Child

Like a weaned child, we go through events in our lives that we don’t understand.

Psalm 130- Out of the Depths

As we grow in marveling at the Lord crucifixion and resurrection, let us say to others like the psalmist, “Hope in the Lord!”

Psalm 129- God’s Faithfulness

Because of God’s faithfulness, we who are followers of Jesus, can trust Him to preserve us to the very end.

Psalm 126- Sowing and Reaping

In your sowing and in your weeping, don’t forget that God is purposefully using this season to prepare you for the joy that is to come.