As we get set to start every week services, you might think, "How does God build up His church?" Paul's going to answer that question for us. If you know someone who needs community and encouragement, invite them to join us this Sunday at our 10:00AM service.
When it comes to spiritual gifts, Christians can tend to focus on how their gifts can build up their own lives. But Paul will encourage us that our spiritual gifts are not ultimately about us.

Communion in Christ

September 24, 2023
Why do we take communion every week at Harbor? Because it’s a powerful way for us to experience unity with God and each other through the blood of Christ. If you know someone who’s frustrated by divisions in the church, invite them to join us this Sunday at our 10:00AM service.
Have you ever been really excited about starting something new, only for it to leave a bitter taste in your mouth? Sometimes this could be the result of discontentment in the heart. Paul explains that contentment is not something that God magically anoints you with, but it’s something that's learned overtime.
Paul challenges several popular sayings of the day that were negatively influencing the Corinthians believers view of their bodies and sex. He then points them to the gospel, and how Christ purchased their bodies with his blood, showing how much God values their bodies.
Conflict is guaranteed whenever a bunch of sinners like us come together. The only question is how we’ll respond to that conflict. Will it separate us or strengthen us? This week Paul will show us how to redeem conflict.