We all experience great change and intimidating circumstances in life. Yet, in it all God is with us. Come join us to grow in what God's presence gives. 

All We Need is Hope

November 8, 2020
In a time of uncertainty, we need a hope that we can rely on. Come join us as we begin a new series in the Gospel of Luke.

Unity of the Spirit

November 1, 2020
In a year characterized by division and hostility, the church has an opportunity to reflect unity that the world is looking for.

God Knows Praise

October 25, 2020
No matter what we have or don't have, we can praise God where we are. Come join us as we learn how.

God Knows Shame

October 18, 2020
Come join us as we are encouraged in Psalm 51 to go to God with our guilt and shame.

God Knows Depression

September 27, 2020
As we continue to travel through some of the Psalms, we will focus on Depression in Psalm 46. We will explore what the Psalmist is feeling and how he responds in his battle with depression.

God Knows Thanksgiving

September 20, 2020
Perhaps you feel that being thankful is the last thing you want to do in these times that we live in. But God commands it for our benefit and joy. Join us as we explore truths about God we can be grateful for in our lives right now.