As we get set to start every week services, you might think, "How does God build up His church?" Paul's going to answer that question for us. If you know someone who needs community and encouragement, invite them to join us this Sunday at our 10:00AM service.
When it comes to spiritual gifts, Christians can tend to focus on how their gifts can build up their own lives. But Paul will encourage us that our spiritual gifts are not ultimately about us.

Today, Be Inspired

May 29, 2022
As we close out our series in Luke, we will be inspired to love God and join Him on His mission. Reach us at Visit for more info about our church.
Come hear about four benefits we can experience in the Spirit immediately. Reach us at For more about our church, visit
Jesus is not only our example on how to overcome temptation, but He is also our means to overcome. Reach us at Visit for more info about our church

Focus on the Gospel

June 28, 2020
In these uncertain times, we need to continue to live from the Gospel. Here are three effects that comes from the life we have in Jesus.