Current Sermon Series:


A study in Luke

Unity of the Spirit

November 1, 2020
In a year characterized by division and hostility, the church has an opportunity to reflect unity that the world is looking for.

God Knows Praise

October 25, 2020
No matter what we have or don't have, we can praise God where we are. Come join us as we learn how.

God Knows Shame

October 18, 2020
Come join us as we are encouraged in Psalm 51 to go to God with our guilt and shame.
We all experience disappointments in life. Come join us as we learn how to honor God in our disappointments.
Come join us as we explore what takes away and what fuels our contentment in God.

God Knows Depression

September 27, 2020
As we continue to travel through some of the Psalms, we will focus on Depression in Psalm 46. We will explore what the Psalmist is feeling and how he responds in his battle with depression.

God Knows Thanksgiving

September 20, 2020
Perhaps you feel that being thankful is the last thing you want to do in these times that we live in. But God commands it for our benefit and joy. Join us as we explore truths about God we can be grateful for in our lives right now.

God Know Anger & Outrage

September 13, 2020
How do you worship God when experiencing anger and outrage? We will explore Psalm 4 & 137 as we seek to honor God in these intense emotions.
How do you experience joy in the times we are living in?
As we continue our series through some of the Psalms, we will explore in Psalm 22 what fuels our loneliness and how to worship God when battling through it.
This Sunday we will launch into a new series through the Psalms where we will explore how God shapes our emotions to glorify Him. In Psalm 55, the psalmist will instruct us on how to bring our fears and anxieties to the Lord and how to respond rightly to them.

Focus on the Lord

August 16, 2020
In life, we experience the ups and downs of relationships. Yet, the Lord stands with us through it all. Come be encouraged as we finish the book of 2 Timothy.

Focus on the Goal

August 9, 2020
As Paul came to the end of his life, he remained laser-focused on the Lord. What was his strategy? Come learn three truths to believe and apply to your life in these difficult days.

Focus on the Message

August 2, 2020
In a world were we are bombarded with messages, we need to focus on believing and sharing the message of the Gospel. Here are five truths to encourage us in treasuring and sharing the Word.

Focus on the Word

July 26, 2020
We are living in the "last days" according to the Bible. How do we navigate faithfully through these peculiar times? Join us as we explore 2 Timothy 3:1-17.

Focus on Your Work

July 19, 2020
We are all called to focus on the work of making disciples. As followers of Jesus, we need to be believe the Gospel, be shaped by the Gospel and share the Gospel with others.

Focus on the Battle

July 12, 2020
We are in spiritual battle to love God with all of our lives and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Join us in exploring 7 ways to engage in this battle. 
What does it mean to "live out your calling?" What does "calling" even mean? Come explore how to live from your calling in Christ Jesus.

Focus on the Gospel

June 28, 2020
In these uncertain times, we need to continue to live from the Gospel. Here are three effects that comes from the life we have in Jesus.
The book of Esther begins with a party prepared by a pagan king but ends with a party prepared for God's people . For God's people, their story started with sin and sadness, but ended in rejoicing and celebration. Even in times of challenges and hardships, God invites us and even commands us to rejoice. This Sunday we will read about God's people rejoicing at the end of their story, and we will explore what we have to rejoice in, even though we are in the middle of ours.