Current Sermon Series:


A study in Luke

How do we live in light Jesus saving us? Here are three ways to respond to God's grace.
As many in our nation and on our island ache for justice in our lives and for those who experience racism, violence and abuse, maybe you feel paralyzed. How do we respond in the times we are living in? Esther 7 will provide encouragement and instruction on how to pursue gospel-centered justice.
God's providence means that He is working in ordinary lives to accomplish His good purposes. How should we live in response to this? Come explore Esther 6 with us as we grow in our relationship with Jesus.
Due to the short term and long term effects of this pandemic, we need to form strategies for how we navigate family, workplace, schooling and relationships. In Esther chapter 5, we will receive steps in how to think through such strategies.
In life, we make impactful decisions. Sometimes, we are led by our emotions and regret doing so. Other times we analyze the decision to the point of not deciding at all. The book of Esther speaks into this topic.
Our lives are often marked by tragedies and sins, yet the good news is these things do not have to define us. Join us as we see how the book of Esther speaks hope into our lives.
Perhaps you've found yourself not in the place you had hoped to be in life and your relationship with God. This message is for you! Come experience the hope we have in Jesus in our study through the book of Esther.
In times of insecurity, how should we view God's activity and our lives? Here are two truths from the book of Esther we can hold on to during these difficult times. 
The "world" offers its stability for you life. But, Jesus offers a greater one.
We need peace during this time of anxiety and fear. Here are five truths about God to sink into our souls on this Easter Sunday.
Is it possible to experience contentment in this pandemic? Here are three ways to fight for contentment during this time.

Fight For Family

March 29, 2020
During this pandemic, we need to fight for family, not against them.

Fight For Progress

March 22, 2020
In a world where life progress has come to a halt due to the coronavirus, God's plan is progressing Here's what that looks like for us.
God wants all His people to grow in godliness. Here's how we grow in our life with God.
All Christians are leaders in some area of life. Here's what godly leadership looks like.

The Fight For Holiness

February 23, 2020

The Fight For Faith

February 9, 2020